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Easily amused and usually confused.

First time donating blood #warwound #gooddeed

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welcome to womens clothing where the sizes are made up and the measurements don’t matter

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My eyebrows look so fucked up after letting another HD Stylist do them.

So we all finished at the bank yesterday and we get a cheeky paid day off today.

I am going to miss Barbara and Tom so much. I have never laughed so much these past few weeks. It has been pure filth with all the sexual innunedos and lines.

I start my new job on Monday, its going be so weird acting all shy and innocent. I’m sure it wont be long until the real me comes out. Poor people haha but I get to work with my best friend :)

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how to give a great blowjob


gently blow on the penis but do not blow too hard else he will get scared and retreat back inside

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